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Web development

A great website is not based on looks alone; the real success of a great website is having the website development done properly from the start that is user friendly, fast loading, mobile responsive, search engine optimized and accessible.

Mithra IT Solutions have a full team of website developers and web designers with 7+ years’ experience designing and developing websites. We have a vast amount of clients and have included various industries and range from small businesses to large corporations. Our team have developed high numbers of websites from brochure
websites to a more complex website which include web apps, online stores and database building.

When we create a website the main objective is for us to have it running fast, well coded, user friendly and accessible across all devices. This will help with better search engine rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We’re highly skilled with coding and never rely on applications to do our website development as we always implement the best practices for fast performing websites so they are recognised better by the search engines for improved rankings.