Our Services


At Mithra It Solutions, we are pretty good at keeping up with the latest technology. We love to be called technology enthusiasts and really enjoy the fact of being relied for the latest solutions in mobile app development segment.

As a leading mobile app development company we take the responsibility to offer most advanced technology to our clients. To make that possible, we have a dedicated team of professionals who keep latest mobile technology tuned-up on our work floor.

We have worked actively in establishing a working environment where we keep communicating with latest versions and possibilities. The working style we follow is completely based on optimum resource utilization and that is only possible when you keep growing with time.

The major mobile solutions we produce include apps and games for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Hybrid mobile segment including PhoneGap and Sencha. Research and training sessions on these mobile technologies happen quite frequently at Mithra . For our trained staff, it takes no time to pick the latest version from any of these

mobile application segments as we are always highly authentic with our learning approach and commit to optimum levels of resource panelling. This helps us fetch the best of functional and technical conformity with the latest mobile technology.